Wrongful Death and Survival Suites

….Perhaps, nothing in life arises to the level of losing a loved one though an accident or through the negligence of someone else’s actions.  Wrongful Death & Survival suits should also be handled by an experienced trial lawyer who has experience in the area of Wrongful Death & Survival suits.  John R. Vivian Jr., has represented families of decedents over 33 years.  Wrongful Death & Survival Suits are personal injury actions, which are brought under the specific wrongful death and survival statute within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The underlying causes of action can arise from any mechanism whereby the trauma to the decedent occurred through the negligence or strict liability of any defendant or combination thereof. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one and believe that that death was occasioned by the actions of another individual or entity you should consult as soon as possible with a qualified personal injury attorney.
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