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The Law Office of John R. Vivian, Jr., has a law office in Easton, Pennsylvania.  We are pleased to serve clients statewide throughout Pennsylvania. Phone:  (610) 258-6625 Fax:      (610) 258-4875 To contact our firm by email, please use the form provided below. Please let us know if you  need any special scheduling accommodations such as early morning, evening or weekend appointments or if you have travel limitations.
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DISCLAIMER The law offices of John R. Vivian, Jr. represent clients in Pennsylvania in all of the State and Federal courts. This law office has provided representation in numerous other States including New Jersey. For cases outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania our law office associates with outside counsel and Attorney Vivian has been admitted in numerous other jurisdictions as lead trial counsel. The information contained on this website should not be relied upon by the public as legal advice.  John R. Vivian, Jr. only provides legal advice to clients who have entered into a written agreement of representation and have retained his services as a lawyer. Every client's case as well as every client representation has specific fact patterns and nuances that require a specific legal analysis that can only be accurately assessed within the attorney- client relationship. Therefore, in assessing any potential claim this website should not be relied upon for any legal decisions in connection with your particular case.
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